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Maxine Lamb

Escort Assistant

 Client Inquires and Screening

First or Rebranding Escort Websites

Business or Exit Strategy Support


The first time I experienced an appointment that my assistant had booked for me, I was like, “Why the hell didn’t I do this sooner? That was so easy.”

Not having to be by my phone and email the entire day, filter through the nonsense, screen and schedule was such a relief. It was near the time I quit the business and I was exhausted at that point. My assistant was like a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Now, I'm out of the business and am that breath of fresh air to other exhausted and overwhelmed companions. Except I do things just a tad bit differently.


I didn’t always need my assistant every day of the week. So instead of requiring a weekly commitment from you, I personally offer a daily service. Just $75 a day or $50 a day when booking 3 or more days a week. I also don’t have familial responsibilities, so I am able to work for you 12 hours each day instead of the typical eight or nine.

I will respond to all inquiries you receive in any given day via email or text warmly, professionally and promptly. I have never liked leaving a potential client waiting long for a reply. I can answer as you or your assistant, whichever you prefer. Email is easy. Simply share the log-in to your email. Or you can create an extra account just for me and keep the current one for established clients. Using an app, your texts can be forwarded to me. Me logging in to your app is a wonderful option as well. You still get all messages on your phone and get to see exactly when and how I’m responding to your potential clients. Unfortunately, I don’t answer calls.


I will screen your potential clients exactly as you desire. Everyone handles screening and/or deposits differently and I will follow your exact specifications. We will share your availability calendar, and I’ll add your clients accordingly. Everything about the assistant process is in your control. I work exactly as you want me to.


My hours are each Monday-Thursday 7 am to 7 pm central time zone. If you’ve pre-paid for my service and something unexpected comes up which makes me unable to work for you that day, I will refund you. If you’ve pre-paid and need to cancel, I need 12 hours notice to refund you. That's 7 pm central the night prior.


Yours and your client’s privacy are of upmost importance to me. My computer and phone are password protected and no one has access to them. I will never reveal any information about you or your clients to anyone, ever. I was vigilant about this as a companion and just as vigilant now.

My goal is to free you up from the constant administrative work involved responding to potential clients, screening them and putting them on your schedule. This allows you freedom to focus on other aspects of your life such as a second career, schooling, family and friends and that ever so important ‘you’ time.

Being there for you is my life right now. I’m your assistant, your friend, your sister in a niche world. (remember that less than 1% of the world population has ever engaged in sex work so the bonds between us are sacred) You and your success are my primary focus and goal. I want you to succeed, I want you to be happy, I want you to be safe and most of all I want you to fulfill your hearts longing. Please reach out today and let me help. I have a limit to the number of women I work with daily so I'm able to do a fantastic job for each one. Don't be left out!


  • 7 am - 7 pm

  • Monday - Thursday

  • No weekly commitment

  • Hire me daily as needed

  • $50 day when you book assisting 3 or more days a week


I will design your first escort website for you or design a  rebranding website. You'll let me know me your specific preferences: fonts, colors, features and exactly what you want to express to your clients. You'll have the control over what you say that most advertising platforms don't afford you. Once your site is live, you'll instantly notice an increase in the professionalism of your business.


  • Ready in 48 hours

  • Created to your specifications


I will be a source of support and an accountability partner in your desire to grow your business or to create an exit strategy to leave it. I feel strongly about every woman having the encouragement she needs to meet her goals and see the fulfillment of her dreams. If you're someone who doesn't have that in your life, I'm happy to be that partner for you.


  • $50 a week when booking assisting 3 or more days a week

  • 1 hour strategy phone or Face time coaching session per week

  • Unlimited contact for accountability and encouragement during the week


I'd love to hear from you

Text 615-521-4861

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